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Help and Contact Information: Abuse

If you are reporting a spam incident originating from the domain, please finger the account that sent the E-Mail first. If the account does not exist, that means the M-Net staff has already removed it and may be taking further action against the individual. If the account does exist, please send only one copy of the spam including all available header information to You will not receive a reply to your report, but that does not mean the M-Net staff is not acting on it; they just are unable to individually reply to all reports of a spam incident.
Important Please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

Definition of a system abuse.
A system abuse is any use of the system that does not follow the acceptable use policy. This includes malicious acts that interfere with your use of the system and its services, any blantently illegal activity on or via the system, and spamming. M-Net will not act as an mediator between users that have personal issues with each other. If another user is threatening you, making slanderous statements, or doing other such things, you should contact your local law enforcement officials.

What you can do if a user is harassing you online with talk, write, or telegrams.
More information coming...

What you can do if a user is filling your E-Mail with unwanted messages.
More information coming...

E-Mail all abuse-related questions, comments, or problem reports to


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