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About Arbornet: Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

  • Respect the system and the other users on it.
  • Respect the rules of other sites when using their services.
  • Follow the laws of the United States that apply to usage of this system.

  • Do not partake in any illegal activity on or via M-Net. This includes distributing software in ways that violate its copyright or license agreement, spreading credit card or calling card numbers, or other access codes that you do not have permission to release, and distributing adult material to those under the legal age.

  • Do not partake in any intentional activity that interferes with the use of a service. We all make mistakes and that is understood, but malicious behavior is not tolerated. If you crash or make the system or a service basically unusable on accident, that's OK. Send E-Mail to detailing what you were doing and what happened so that the staff can try to fix the problem or point out your mistake.

  • Do not attempt to circumvent the security or authentication methods of M-Net or any host or network to which it is connected.

  • Do not spam or otherwise partake in unethical behavior toward M-Net or its users, or other hosts it is connected to and their users. Again, mistakes can be made and dealt with, but constant or obviously intentional abuse is not tolerated.

  • Do not house WWW pages containing commercial content on M-Net unless the page is for a non-profit organization, educational institution, or owned by an underwriter or supporter of the system. Links to off-site graphic, text, or WWW sites that are commercial in nature are allowed. Questions about underwriting or supporting the system may be directed to

Due to the limited amount of resources that M-Net is able to provide, all users are asked to observe the following usage constraints. To help M-Net grow and be able to offer less strict limitations, please support the system.
  • Please limit your E-Mail usage to 500K of E-Mail sent and received per day.
  • Please do not run mailing lists or do mass-mailings from M-Net unless such mailings are approved by
  • Please do not put over 100K of graphic files on your personal web pages housed on M-Net.
  • Please limit your time online to three (3) hours per login, (guests only).
  • Please do not run network servers or IRC robots from your personal account.

If you have any questions or comments about this usage policy, please feel free to contact us.

To report violations of this policy or other abuses, please see our abuse page.


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